Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Thoughts Day Five

These updates will probably occur less frequently as we get into next week as I will unfortunately be returning to work.  However, there was still a fifth day of competition and I watched so here it goes.

1.  Best sport to watch on this day goes to Women's Canoe.  That looked real tough.  Especially getting through the upstream gates.  I've done this event before on the XBox Kinect but I am guessing it is a little more difficult doing the real thing.

2.  Walsh and May-Treanor finally dropped a SET in Olympic play.  That is just an incredible run.  More impressive was their response, a 21-8 smashing in the second set and a victory in the third set as well to stay undefeated in Olympic matches.  I really want to see them play some more day time matches if you catch my drift.

3.  The USA had a successful night in the pool winning a few individual events, a relay and qualifying several for prime spots to medal tonight.  Last night set up another Lochte-Phelps matchup for this evening, one that will have everyone tuned in.  I will be pulling for Phelps to pull it off.  I will also be rooting for Clary to get whooped.  Who calls out the best Olympian of all time for their training regime? 

4.  I watched a little bit of the men's all-around gymnastics competition.  I was happy to see the US claim an bronze and seem so excited about it.  Men's gymnastics however is not my favorite to watch.  The dues are clearly stronger and more flexible than myself but the females clearly have more finesse and look much more impressive.

5.  I heard some Olympic talk on the radio yesterday and they were debating whether to have American football in the Olympics.  What is there to debate?  The clear answer is NO.  What is the point?  Who would play?  You are telling me the Broncos are going to be cool with Peyton Manning missing training camp and a few preseason games to play in the Olympics?  You are telling me these professional players are going to risk getting hurt right before their season?  Yes you could have a D-III team compete and probably win gold but what other countries are going to furnish a team?  How many make it?  They can't play that many games in the Olympics if they play once a week.  If they don't play that many games, WHAT IS THE POINT?  Some boneheaded people want the Olympics to add football to show the rest of the world how dominate the US is.  This just in: the already know.  There are even the logistics involving having an extra 50 some Olympians for each team in the city.  Contraction is the answer for the Olympics, not expansion.  They got rid of baseball and softball.  Next should be soccer, tennis and basketball.  Let the "Olympic sports" have their time in the sun.  I want to see people that train four years for one chance, not people that compete just for another event.  Its incredible to hear the stories of these water polo players taking a year off from professional play with the sole purpose of training as a team for the Olympics.  Lets bump some water polo, canoe and archery in prime time.

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