Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thoughts from a NFL Sunday

I'm back for more -

Late game
The 49ers line looks HUGE.  They go 6'5" 315, 6'5" 331, 6'3" 318, 6'8" 300, 6'5" 323.  On average, that looks about right, what stands out is how big the guards are - 6'8" is unheard of - which makes the whole line look huge.

Why did the Eagles give up David Akers?  He was the 49er's MVP last year, while the Eagles missed the playoffs.  I was going to say the 49ers would give Akers more chances from 50+ after his 63yd FG last week, but they just punted from the 40.  There is NO reason the 49ers should punt from inside the 40 yd line.

I like these Toyota coach commercials.  Fun, topical concept and the coach is well played.  I appreciate there's more than one too.  This Internet Explorer commercial with the annoying song is getting real, real old. And now they're playing the song on the radio.  I hate the radio.

Speaking of commercials, is it me or does the NFL run at least one ad each commercial break?  Do they get free air time?  Or are they paying for all this.  The networks pay the NFL huge sums of money to broadcast and then the NFL uses that money to advertise for it's own properties on those same networks.  An interesting arrangement.

The NFL commercials with the guy in the suit are dumb.  Why don't they just have cheerleaders dancing around with somebody overdubbing and words on the screen?  I guess they'd probably have to actually pay the cheerleaders then...

That's all for this week.

Early game
I'm watching the Houston - Jacksonville game, and the tarps there are ridiculous.  You'd think they'd want to keep the tarps off the side the TV cameras can see but it looks like they are everywhere.  Official NFL capacity is 67,246 - "expandable" to 76,867, but can hold 84,000 for college games and special events.  How many seats will the NFL let them take away?

The Texans have a player called Mister Alexander!

"Some guys aren't playing with a full deck" - Rich Gannon while showing clips of Brian Cushing headbutting teammates before the game.

I prefer Marv Albert and Rich Gannon to last week's team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.  Fouts isn't the brightest color guy.  He's not real bright period.

I thought I could see a different game on Fox when the Texans were away?  I'll never understand these broadcasting rules.

Along that line, and maybe this is why, the Cowboys play at 3:30, so that's who I'll have to watch.  And Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.  Can't stand watching a game they call.  He sucks the life out of everything.  Maybe there will be a different game on the radio I can listen to.

Switched to the radio looking for a different game, all that's on is the Texans but it actually matches up with the TV!  I'm sure I tried this last year and it was off too far to listen.  I'll have to do this from now on, especially when Dan Fouts is on the call...

I miss Gus Johnson.  Still think the Texans should have made him their default announcer.  Everone would have watched the Texans!

I see why the Jags took Brian Anger in the third round.  He's played as much as anybody today - 8 punts through 3 quarters.  Gabbert only has 7 completions.

Maybe I'll have more later.

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