Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pacers Opening Night

In Indianapolis for a conference I was able to attend my 3rd NBA game. I've never been a big NBA guy and a lot of people give it a bad rap and there might be some merit to it. Sitting in the very last removes yourself from the game itself. It is more convenient to watch on the big screen from up there and you feel like you are at a circus rather than a professional sporting event. However what kind of entertainment do you expect for 17 dollars?
Even with it being opening night there were still some prime seats up for grabs. We grabbed them. Sitting just 5 rows from the action is a completely different experience. What looks like laziness from the cheap seats is pure skill and effort. The players are big, athletic and damn good. Seeing the action from the fifth row gave me a different perspective on the game. The NBA isn't quite the circus it appears to be from up in the cheap seats or the television.

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