Monday, March 3, 2014

Updated All Big 12 Teams - March 2nd

Here are the updated all-big 12 teams as of March 2nd.

It's looking like a two-man race between ISU's stars for Big 12 POY.  I've actually got Kane well out in front and the top three way ahead of anyone else.  Ejim's got more publicity lately and the Academic All-American award, but I'd still vote for Kane.

For Marcus Smart, I calculated his averages based on all 16 games, instead of the 13 he actually played.  I figure it was his fault he missed the 3 games (not because of injury).  He's been one of the top 3 or 4 players in the conference outside of those three games so I think second or third team is a fair spot.

I'd love to see Monte make the third team but I doubt it will happen.  Monte is now top 6 in assists, steals and top 10 in minutes played for a team in a big tie for 2nd place.  He's actually very, very close to Georges in my ratings.

No other surprises here.  Wiggins makes it onto the first team, Embiid is on the second team, where he should be.  OU and UT are well represented.  KSU might slip another player on and ISU or KU will likely drop one.  

I've got to keep touting Kyan Anderson.  He is the ONLY thing going on for TCU right now.  Watching them play the Cyclones, he was active in the first half (~50% utilization I'd guess) and it was a tight game.  After half he disappeared and the Horned Frogs disappeared too.

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