Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pre-Season Q and A Part I

Before the season starts, we thought we would each take a crack at some burning questions surround the Iowa State Men's Basketball team starts play this season. Here is the first part. 

Which non-conference game scares you the most?

JMeeks writes:

The obvious choice is Iowa, the highest ranked non-conference opponent and it's a road game. But after last year's game, and the picture Georges sent out on twitter, I know he's all-in on this rivalry, and he'll make sure everyone else is too.  I'll be picking the Cyclones to win, and if they don't, it shouldn't be a bad loss come tourney time.  The next obvious choice would be Arkansas or Georgia State.  By the time the season starts back up in Hilton, fans will be ready to move on from football and support their basketball team with a fervor.  The fans are smart enough to know these are the biggest non-con games.  So that leaves Alabama, maybe a surprising pick.  They aren't a big name school that opponents would traditionally get up for.  Also, the atmosphere in Kansas City might be an issue.  I'd expect ISU to have more fans there than all the other teams combined.  But how many will be there?  The Cyclones have had issues the last couple years in underwhelming environments (at Tech, at West Virginia).  Being on a weeknight, it won't be Hilton South.  If the team's as good as advertised, it won't matter.

Green_Ivy writes:
I have had the Georgia State game circled as the scariest game since the schedule came out.  Since that time it has been announced Nader and Thomas would be missing that game to go along with McKay not being eligible for this one either.  Recently,it was made known that 30 NBA scouts would be in Hilton for this game.  There is some serious talent on this team between RJ Hunter, Ryan Harrow and Kevin Ware.  ISU will be favored and in all reality they should win this game but it is an awfully tough game for the second game of the season.  Aside from that, not everyone recognizes how good Georgia State is.  They will come March. Could it be a quality win on the resume come that time?

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