Thursday, January 8, 2015

Non-conference All-Big 12 2015

The last couple years, I've shared my all-Big 12 non conference teams.  Historically, I've got 80% right for 1st team, 1st and 2nd team, 1st, 2nd and 3rd team, etc.  This has all the non-conference games included, but some conference games too.

A couple things, in my previous projections, I had both Bryce and Georges in my first team.  Per my projections, this is a much tighter run than last years All-Big 12.  Perhaps that means a tighter team race for the Big 12 championship as well.

I'll go hard and stand by my 80% streak.  I think Staten, Forte and Nash have the best chances of being on the first team at the end.  Someone from KU will make it, so I'll stick with Mason.  My boy Kyan will slip to second team.  I don't like having two players from a team that should be bottom half of the league, but I don't think either of those player will slip.  

As for the Cyclones, it's not surprising they've fallen with the teams they have played.  They've played garbage in the non-con and the minutes and production have suffered.  That said, they played 6 out of the 12 teams against decent competition.  Any positives had the chance to shine brightly.  A tune-up game against South Carolina didn't show anything from the top 3 candidates, if anything, exposed their weaknesses.

Of the three, Bryce has the best chance of cracking the 1st team.  His production in points is down a bit but he still rebounds and assists at a high level.  Next is really between Monte and Georges.  There are about 18 players within striking distance of the second team and I think it'll be a skirmish. Monte doesn't add points, blocks or rebounds at a high enough level to make it,.  Georges needs to up his assists, and also his rebounding to be a factor.

Naz needs to make a statement in something other than scoring.  

I think ISU will finish top half of the league, which will mean at least one player on the first team.  At this point, I think it will be BDJ.  

I'll keep up as the conference season goes on.  As I've said before, this is non-conference stats and the real ones may vary wildly.  

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  1. I still have a hard time believing that Niang doesn't end up on the 1st team this year. With the recent games factored in, I think BDJ might drop to 2nd or 3rd team. KenPom still has Niang on 1st team despite his recent slump, and I think Niang will break out of it and put up 1st team numbers.