Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Post Oklahoma State Thoughts Q&A

Q: Was this the biggest win in school history? (From Dan McCarney in North Texas)

Dan, this absolutely was the biggest win in school history.  Had it not been a bowl eligibility clinching win there would be an argument.  Beating the #2 team in the nation in their 11th game of the season is different than beating the #2 team in the nation at the beginning of the year.  Playing on ESPN was huge.  Being the only show in town was huge.  Causing BCS chaos was huge.  Having over 52,000 screaming ISU fans there was HUGE.  This was probably the most unbelievable atmosphere I have been a part of at Jack Trice.  To me this was similar to my 19th birthday against Colorado when the game was delayed because of tornado's.  I think the new Big 12 scheduling will pay off big for the Cyclones in their late year attendance.  Thanks for the question Dan.

Statement: You guys don't have a shot of beating Oklahoma State. (Hawk Fan at lunch)


Statement: ISU got lucky. (From Mike Hlas in Cedar Rapids, IA)

Luck is a funny word.  A word that has no part in being associated with this game however.  Nebraska turning the ball over 8 times in 2009?  That may have been a little luck.  Oklahoma State turned the ball over 5 times.  Those turnovers were forced and the Cyclones didn't even take advantage (only 3 points off turnovers).  ISU was down 24-7 with about 12 minutes left to play in the 3rd quarter.  They outscored them 30-7 the rest of the way.  They gained more yards than OSU, they won the turnover battle and they did something no other team had done all year: get Heisman front runner Brandon Weeden rattled.  The only thing that reminded me of "LUCK" in this game was Jared Barnett's performance down the stretch.

How crazy was the after party in Ames man?  Did you pound some Natty's??? (From Larry Eustachy in Mississippi)

Larry you would have been proud of Ames Friday night.  But unfortunately what happened in Ames that night will stay in Ames.  Forever.

What do you think Cyclone Nation would have done had I lined up for the game winning field goal in 20T? (From Zach Guyer in Ames)

There would have been vomit everywhere.  Take your most nervous moment in your life and multiple it by a gazillion.  There was no way that field goal was going in and you know it.  There's the Golden Rule and then there's the Cyclone Rule.  Cyclone Rule reads: ISU is prohibited from making easy, chip-shot, game-winning or tying field goals or extra points in any meaningful game.

Should I get used to these splinter's up my a$$? (Steele Jantz in Ames, IA)

I would buy yourself a nice seat cushion Steele and think back to the glory days when you were leading come back wins against UNI, Iowa and UConn.  And then hit the replay button over and over.  I have a question for you Steele.  Can you catch a football??

Where in the hell is Ames and how do I get there?!?! (From Recruits, Nationwide)

Central Iowa.  Just north of Des Moines.  Did you see that awesome movie Cedar Rapids???  Its just west of there, but far enough that the Cedar Rapids Gazette can't show up.  Pricks.

I missed the game.  What happened?  Who is Paul Rhoads?  What is a Cyclone? (From Caveman, in Underarock)

*What happened:
*Who is Paul Rhoads??
And again....

And again...

What is a Cyclone?

Just don't look it up on Urban Dictionary.  Don't even want to know what they think it is.


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