Sunday, March 11, 2012

Selection Sunday is Here!

It has been seven LONG years since Selection Sunday has meant something to Cyclone fans.  The last time ISU was in POSTSEASON play was in 2005 when I was a senior in high school.  They got put in the dreaded 8/9 matchup and escaped the first round only to get drubbed by eventual national champion-North Carolina.  As Yogi Bera would say "Deja Vu all over again?" Let's hope not.

Iowa State is once again staring that 8/9 matchup square in the face.  This is not a good year to possibly face the likes of Kentucky/Syracuse or UNC in the 3rd round.  Unfortunately, the two most vulnerable one and two seeds are from the Big XII so it limits ISU's potential for a "good" matchup in Round 3.  Yes, I realize there is a very real possibility that ISU doesn't even win the 2nd round matchup.  As Scotty C says "We aren't in this for a participation award."  Are all of the bracketologists correct?  Let's look at the facts.

Iowa State:
Record: 22-10
RPI: 33
Top 50: 5-7
SOS: 42

Lets look at some of the team's in position for the #7 seed.

New Mexico:
Record: 26-6
RPI: 30
Top 50: 6-3
SOS: 103

Saint Mary's
Record: 25-5
RPI: 29
Top 50: 4-3
SOS: 113

San Diego State
Record: 24-7
RPI: 28
Top 50: 6-6
SOS: 67

Record: 25-6
RPI: 25
Top 50: 6-4
SOS: 81

IF the committee truly uses the "eye test" ISU should get a bump over one of these teams.  I just don't see them getting seeded below all of them.  Maybe these teams are competing for an 8 seed?  Honestly right now, with the exception of the Texas game, ISU is playing 5 or 6 seed basketball.  Hopefully the committee takes note and gets them in the 7/10 matchup.

My prediction:  Iowa State will be the 7 seed in the East Region and play against Purdue.  This is a hopeful prediction.  Hopefully Lunardi is wrong.  6.5 more hours!

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