Thursday, April 25, 2013

Houston Texans 2013 Draft Needs

For something a little different, my look at the Texans depth chart and what positions I'd like to see them pick.

It seems like the same positions are on this list year after year... WR, right side of O Line, nose tackle, cornerback.

Needs (in order )-
 - Starting WR - Texans have enough young talent to fill the 3rd and backup WR spots, but need a starter opposite Andre Johnson.  It would be good if they could find a #1 WR guy to take over for Johnson in a couple years.
 - Starting RT - the right side of the line was a big question mark last year.  I was hoping they'd get Eric Winston back in free agency.
 - Starting NT - Shaun Cody was alright last year but he's gone, Earl Mitchell ain't the guy.  I've been waiting for a space eater since they made the move to the 3-4.  Will take some heat off the inside linebackers in the run game.
 - Starting ILB - giant, giant hole when Cushing went down with an injury.  It made the loss of DeMeco Ryans sting even more
 - OLB depth - lots of talent and a couple top 2 round picks, but anyone drafted should see playing time rotating with the two young starters
 - Starting CB - Kareem Jackson isn't so much of a train wreck anymore, but it's a "safe" pick because they need a nickle too.  And a long-term replacement for FS Ed Reed.
 - Starting RG - Ben Jones looked ok here last year, and Brandon Brooks might be a better fit at RT.
 - Backup C - Meyers, the starter is getting old and expensive
 - Backup RE - ditto with Antonio Smith, although last year may have been the best of his career starting across from JJ Watt
 - Backup ILB - As much as I root for Tim Dobbins, him and Sharpton are replacement level players

What I think we'll see the Texans select
1st round - trade down - I really don't think they pick a WR this high.  Kubiak might have one guy in mind that he might take, otherwise he'll try to do something else with it.  I don't think you take a RT this high, and any big time nose tackles are probably gone
2nd round - WR - they took one in the 3rd and 4th last year, I think they try higher
3rd round - OLB - they love them some outside linebackers
3rd round - RT - could find a starter here
4th round - TE - only thing Kubiak loves more than OLBs is TEs.  We might see two selected.
5th round - RG - they'll find the same talent as Jones and Brooks, won't clear anything up
6th round - NT - can't find a space eater here
6th round - ILB - Wade Phillips will have to work some special magic to find a starter this deep
7th round - CB - speed guy to maybe have a shot at returning punts

extra picks - if they get any, and they probably need to, I see them being used in any of the follow ways - TE, QB, H back/FB, safety

Before I started, I thought the Texans were in good shape.  Now I'm not so sure.  They don't have huge holes so if they nail every pick, most could be filled.  I'd be ok with them trading down in the first to take some more shots to fill depth.  Wade will find at least one starter in this draft, but Kubes will waste a couple picks on his fetishes.  Hopefully they listened to owner Bob McNair when he said he wanted to see a wide receiver.

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