Monday, April 1, 2013

Prediction for 2013-2014 - Part III, the Conclusion?

- I took my time, but here's my big prediction.  We see more of what happened in the Notre Dame game.  I don't think you ever see Georges playing point forward like Royce White, bringing the ball up the court, but I definitely think we'll see more high post with the option for Niang to hand off, dish to the cutter, pass outside, cut himself or turnaround and pop.  And I think it's going to be beautiful.  Who will guard it?  Big guys could take away his shot, maybe his move to the basket, but if ISU can get movement like I think they'll be able to, Niang will have three other options every handle.  It might be difficult to get him the ball in a zone, but then ISU can just rain threes. With this type of offense, they could be very, very difficult to stop.  It'll mean a little slower pace likely, and less points, but a very entertaining half-court set.  I can't wait.


If good season, another 23-11.

If great season, 26-9.
(Don't laugh.  At least five games went screwy this year, and the last one could have meant more wins)

Numbers based
 - Ejim only 2nd team all Big 12 (maybe some more on this later)
 - Niang borderline all big 12 third team (I hope/expect more but we'll see)

Hunch based
 - Monte Morris on all big 12 rookie team (I think Fred has something going here)
 - Ejim - not scholar-athlete of the year again, but he should be.  I can't imagine the amount of reading and writing necessary for a History degree.  I don't care if he got it online or got help or whatever, it has to be a lot of work
 - ISU finishes 3rd in the Big 12 - validating Fred's pay.  7 seed in NCAA.  Fred wins two to make it to Sweet Sixteen.

If great season scenario - ISU competes with KU for regular season and tournament championship.  Gets a 3 seed.  If 3 seed, Elite Eight.  

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