Sunday, February 15, 2015

All Big-12 Teams Update

We're about three quarters through the season, so it's time for another All Big 12 team update.

Monte has slipped behind Buddy Hield for POY, but he's well ahead of everyone else.  If Monte doesn't finish on the first team, it'll be a real shame.

Jameel McKay makes his first appearance on the list.  TaShawn Thomas is still the frontrunner for newcomer of the year but Jameel could make it interesting in the last couple of weeks. 

Georges made some progress since the last update, but the stats are being concentrated as everyone's rotations are tightening up. 

It's a little surprising that ISU is in second place in the conference and only has three people on my list.  I think it speaks to the depth of the team.  There are seven players who could lead the team in any stat on any night.  It also highlights the impact McKay has had in only two months.  Moving into the starting lineup gives him more opportunity, obviously, but I think it helps Hogue moving to the small forward spot.  And BDJ looks to have free reign off the bench.  Nader's brought a scoring punch in limited minutes too.  ISU's starting to peak at the right time.


  1. These are interesting. I have a couple of thoughts:
    1) Niang and Gathers are two people who might end up on 1st team that aren't on this one. Gathers really deserves it and could also be considered for Big 12 POY
    2) Morris has really improved his overall game this year. He has a chance with some good performances to earn Big 12 POY but I doubt it happens.
    3) I need to do another comparison with McKays #'s to Ejim's from just a year ago. The guy is a stud.
    4) Its not out of the question to say ISU has 3 potential pre-season Big 12 POY candidates next year in Morris, Niang and McKay. Wow.

  2. I guess then it's even more surprising that 1st place KU has only 2 guys on the list.