Monday, February 2, 2015

One Big Key for ISU vs KU

If there has been on constant in Bill Self's preparation for Iowa State it has been to let Niang let it fly from deep.  In seven career games against Kansas Niang has hoisted up 40 three point attempts.  That is almost six a game!  In his career he has averaged 2.8, 4.3 and 3.4 three-point field goal attempts per game in each of his three seasons.  His lowest number of attempts (4) against Kansas came in the Big 12 tournament win last season.  This happened to be the first game Niang played against KU in which they did not have a shot blocker on the floor in Whithey or Embiid.  What did he do?  He proceeded to go 10-18 on two-point field goals in route to a 25 point effort.

Kansas doesn't have that 7 footer they have had in the past although they do have some athletic big guys that could block a shot.  Playing the Niang 3 point lottery could result in a win for the Cyclones but it more than likely favors Kansas.  Self wants to make Niang one dimensional and although he can shoot it from deep he is much better around the rim.  If Niang finds himself wide open on the perimeter it may not be as much about ISU moving the ball well, but rather Kansas letting Niang chuck it up from deep.

Is there some risk involved for Kansas?  Yes, especially with the way Niang has been shooting lately, but there is also the possibility of him going 0-9 like he did on Big Monday last year.  I think ISU really needs Niang to try to establish himself inside first.  If we see Niang taking 9 three point field goals tonight, it may not be good for the Cyclones.

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  1. I think you're spot on. Georges is his most effective working inside - out. When he tries to start outside, too often he just ends up staying outside, hanging out at the three point line. It doesn't help him or the team.