Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Thoughts Day One

The Olympics are underway and I am already hooked.  Sports that I wouldn't think to watch are now interesting.  It is a buffet of sports served all day long.  There is just enough of everything and not too much of anything.  My "5 Ring" thoughts for the first day of London 2012.

1) Archery was the first event I watched thoroughly and it just happened to be the first medal for the United States.  After their stunning upset of Korea in the semi-finals they had an intense match for the gold medal against Italy.  It was great entertainment as it literally came down to the last arrow.  So far it has been my favorite event to watch and I look forward to the individual men's tournament coming up in the next few days.

2) Handball is fun to watch and looks fun to play.  Everyone else played it in physical education class in high school I guess.  I don't remember playing it, but there is a good chance I did.  A mix of soccer, basketball and lacrosse it is rather entertaining to watch.

3) Badminton doesn't look like badminton at the Olympic level.  It looks more like tennis on a smaller court, making for better action.  Fun to watch.

4) Sand volleyball requires an incredible amount of athleticism and endurance.  Its very impressive to watch.  I'm guessing they didn't train at Volley's.

5) I'm not a big fan of soccer, tennis, or even basketball as Olympic sports.  They are already international sports.  I can't bring myself to watch any of them.  Soccer has the World Cup and other tournaments, tennis is basically Wimbledon II and all of the best basketball players already play in the NBA, however it is fun to watch the collection of talent together on one team.

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