Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Thoughts Day Two

Today I had a self-imposed Twitter ban for the day as I watched live coverage (and the Cubs game) while refusing to obtain the results that would be shown in prime-time.  That worked really well until I switched to ESPNU and all of sudden the resulted scrolled across the bottom line.  Damn you ESPN!  The coverage tonight was pure drama, yet I unfortunately knew the results going in.  Anyway, here are my 5 rings for today's events.

1) Why does the IOC seem to always mess something up when it comes to gymnastics or figure skating?  WHY, WHY, WHY is each team only allowed two competitors in the all-around?  Jordyn Wieber was the favorite coming into the Olympics to win the all-around competition and now she won't get a shot.  Yes, she had control of the situation but shouldn't the final consist of the top 24 all-around gymnasts?  Its very possible USA could have the top three but we will never know.

2) More gymnastics here.  How awkward is the gymnastics competition intrasquad?  The hugs are clearly fake and although they want to qualify as a team they can't help but root against their teammates so they can advance.  Maybe with the qualifying rounds out of the way they will be able to just go out and compete.  I could see myself becoming a big fan of Wieber if she comes out and proves her ability in the team all-around.  She gets the early award for the most impressive interview so far.  As the defending international champion and someone who has been training for four years, her dreams were crushed because of one misstep.  Many professional athletes that are idolized these days don't handle adversity in interviews the way she did.  Kudos to her.

3) In the current state of technology you find out any relevant and many times irrelevant information instantaneously.  Yet, for once many around the world are trying to avoid it.  Shouldn't it be easy to go a mere 12 hours without finding out what happened on a different continent?  Surprisingly its very difficult, and unfortunately takes the drama out of prime-time coverage.  The worst part is many of the big events are only in qualifying stages and when they get to the latter stages it will be that much more difficult.

4) Women's sand volleyball in London isn't as fun to watch.  Hint: it has nothing to do with the competition and everything to do with the wardrobe.  Can't we get them a little Iowa heat over there??

5) In my latest conspiracy theory is it possible Lochte blew the relay on purpose?  How does he blow that lead?  Is his rivalry with Phelps really intense enough that he would sacrifice a gold medal for himself just so Phelps wouldn't get one?  I am on Team Phelps and although I don't think Lochte would do such a thing I find myself pulling for Phelps who is participating in his FOURTH Olympics.

And the next viral Olympic video....funny stuff!

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