Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Thoughts Day Three

I watched a lot of day time coverage yesterday and managed to stay off Twitter, ESPN, and any source that may show results for prime time.  However, I ended up at Third Base, because well it was Monday and thus my prime time viewing was affected. 

1.   Women's volleyball was extremely fun to watch and I feel it could quickly become more popular than basketball for girl's if it hasn't already.  Some of those girls are crazy athletic.  Granted, the USA vs Brazil match was the best of the best but I still managed to watch from start to finish which is something I've never done before when it comes to volleyball.  There is a lot more strategy to the game than when I play at Volley's that is for sure.  I plan on watching their matches as much as possible going forward.  Destinee Hooker is an absolute stud.  Too bad her name sucks.

2.  While watching volleyball I couldn't help but think "why is women's basketball so boring?"  The solution to this problem dawned on me.  Lower the hoop!  Women's volleyball is played at a lower net level and makes for a more entertaining game.  Lower the hoop and let the girls dunk and attack the rim and women's basketball becomes a whole different beast.

3.  Speaking of women's basketball the USA had a close call against Angola yesterday.  I know what you are thinking.  Angola is powerhouse and you've probably been to a few of their games right?  In reality the USA won by 52 points.  Not much drama right?  The point spread just happened to be 54 points.  How do they know!?  Luckily for my friend he took Angola.  No word yet on if he is taking Tunisia tonight at +55.

4.  I like this Missy Franklin girl.  She is extremely humble and may very well be the face of USA swimming after the Olympics if she hasn't already.  She reportedly turned down endorsement deals worth as much as 150,000 dollars so she could maintain her amateur status and compete for her high school and future college team.  That is pretty cool although I wonder if her and her parent's tune will change when there is a zero or two added to that figure.  If she takes the money good for her, she will do good things with it.

5.  Lochte may have felt like it was his time now but 4th place really?  If you are going to talk a big game make it to the podium.  This proves how impressive Phelps was in 2008.  I've mentioned it before, I'm Team Phelps all the way and every medal he gets this Olympics I find to be extremely impressive.  What I like is that he is helping some of the younger swimmers such as Missy Franklin out with strategy when there are multiple races in a night.  On a side note though, who decided that swimming was prime time material?  Its been that way, I get that but when did it start?  Instead of some of the fluff they show, replay some archery or badminton.  Its not like they are waiting for the next heat in swimming, its tape-delayed for goodness sake!  With that being said NBC has done a pretty good job with its coverage across the different channels.  I'm not sure where they find these people but their on-air talent has been pretty good.

Note:  The men's gymnastics team doesn't get any coverage from me due to their lack of even showing up last night.  SMH

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