Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cyclones NCAA Tourney Hopes Ed. 1

There were a lot of unknowns going into conference play this year for the Cyclones.  They entered without any prominent wins (although BYU is looking better by the day), yet managed to keep a bad loss off the card.  After the opening game of Big 12 play it was clear that ISU would be in NCAA tournament discussion.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to add some more insight to this while taking Bracketology.  Lets look at where they stand right now.

Overall Record: 11-4
Conference Record: 1-1
Big Wins: None
Bad Losses: None

Ken Pomeroy has ISU predicted to finish the year at 11-7 in conference play based on percentages and 12-6 based on game-by-game.  To me, that puts them in.  It is still possible they could finish 11-7 and not have a real big win and no bad losses.

One place I can on keeping an eye on is the Bracket Matrix.  Here you will find cumulative seed predictions based 39 bracket projections.  No more need to go different places.  It is all right here and updated daily.  Right now their average seed is an 11.4 and they are "in" in 29 of the 39 predictions.

My Prediction (1/15) **This is based on what I predict will happen, not their resume to date**

I think Iowa State will pile up the wins in Big 12 play.  The league is just not very good.  ISU could finish as high as 2nd in the conference.  I don't see them losing any game at home except maybe Kansas.  I think they have at least four road wins in them.  My final season results are as follows...


Overall Record: 23-8
Conference Record: 13-5 (Losses: @OSU, @OU, @BU, @Kansas, vs Kansas)
Big Wins: Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma St., Oklahoma, @Kansas St.
Bad Losses: None (although OU could go from big win to bad loss depending on which way they go)

Overall Seed: 7 (Just because I hope they stay off the 8/9 line)

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