Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My 2012 - 2013 All Big 12 Teams

I thought I’d posted this at the end of last year, but I guess not.  I was looking at the All Big XII team and wondering how they came up with the selections.  Using the major statistical categories from conference play, I made a list of my own.
Actual results
One quick point since everyone else has moved on.  Pierre Jackson got robbed.  No two ways about it.  Led the league in points and assists and was second in minutes.  The team was a disappointment, but it wasn’t his fault.  I included team wins and even tried including a measure of performance against expectations.  He never fell out of the top five.

Oh, and I matched up with 3 of the first team, 9 of the top two teams, 11 of the 15 in the three teams and all of my honorable mention were listed somewhere except Kyan Anderson.

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