Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 BCS National Championship Six-Pack

*Six ideas I gathered from watching last nights game

1.  This game needs to be played in Pasadena, California every single season.  There is no bigger stage in college football than the Rose Bowl and the scene and field they produce is second to none.  This would be huge for college football.  It was embarrassing to watch player after player slip on the indoor grass field last night.  College baseball found their home in Omaha.  It is time for college football to make Pasadena their Omaha. 
2.  Speed kills.  It was evident last night that the game was being played at a completely different speed than almost any game I have watched all season.  Both sides of the ball were equipped with really FAST athletes.  I think part of the reason it was such a low scoring affair was that for one of the first times all season these teams were matched with equal speed.  It also reminded me how slow ISU is and how far they have to go.
3.  Spread offenses struggle in the red zone.  Speed spread across the field is effective in moving the ball between the 20's.  A glaring weakness I noticed in the spread offense last night was its inability to convert short yardage situations especially near the goal line.  I agree that the idea is to spread the defense out no matter the placement on the field, but when the defense doesn't have to cover as much ground vertically it can focus more on stopping the zone read.  I think there comes a time when all spread teams, ISU included, need to line it up and go through the teeth of the defense.
4.  Oregon is very enticing to today's young athlete.  The old folks will talk about the good 'ole days but tradition doesn't mean jack **** anymore.  Those uniforms were the bomb last night.  The green socks reminded me of NBA Jam when the shoes turned green for turbo and it looked like Oregon had a turbo button pressed the entire game.  If I was an elite 18 year old high school athlete, and believe me I'm not, I would have to put Oregon at the top of my list.  Their uniforms are awesome because of their connection to Nike, they play the game like a video-game and Chip Kelly has walnuts the size of pumpkins.  Players don't care about what a school did or didn't do in the 80's and 90's.  They love the glitz and the glamor and Oregon has that swagger going.  There is also something else that helps (See #6)
I am "firmly entrenched" on Google with this face..
5.  Gene Chizik is one of the most phony individuals I know.  This NC can simply be chalked up to Guz Malazhan and Cam Newton.  To think that Gene Chizik orchestrated this wonderful season is a crock.  Two years ago he was "firmly entrenched" in Ames, Iowa.  Now he is apparently high enough on the pedostal to state less than 24 hours after one of the biggest moments in Auburn football history it is "time to stop celebrating and get back to work".  What a tool.  These are students in their late teens and early twenties.  Let them celebrate.  Isn't that what competing is all about.  I find it ironic that I have heard dozens of references to Chizik's business-like demeanor.  I can't argue now that he has the best championship money can buy.
Enough said!
6. Oregon cheerleaders are HOT!  There is an old saying that everyone in California has dark skin and white teeth.  In Oregon that saying is everyone has dark teeth and white skin.  Where did these girls come from???  I have heard a rumor that Phil Knight recruits them himself. If true, that is brilliant.  This guy knows how to support an alma-mater.  I think J-Meeks needs to follow in his footsteps when he makes his first billion.


  1. Completely agree with point #5. Every time I saw him I wanted to kick him in the face. Also, I would like to request that "swagger" be returned to describing Miami. Not OREGON. (yea yea, I understand it is usually used with teams that aren't playing their bowl game in El Paso, Texas, but still!)

  2. I like your idea about the national championship at the Rose Bowl every year. More likely, it will be at Jerry world, especially if the MCS comes to fruition. Games in (full) bowl stadiums look GREAT on TV, and I have to imagine they are a ton better than big games at the new stadiums. When the Rose Bowl was full with red and purple it looked awesome. Same with the Cotton Bowl. It might be hella old but I bet it's one of the best environments in all of college football. My only experience with a bowl-style stadium is Kinnick and I'm disappointed to say it's the best college atmosphere I've been to. Of course, when I go, the Cyclones win.

    Find a better picture of the cheerleaders! Don't you ever read TMQ?!?