Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thoughts From the 2010 Regular Season Final Week

It's rumored that NFL 12 coaches will be replaced, but Gary Kubiak isn't one of them
How is this possible?

Arian Foster is good
Free advice for next year's fantasy drafts: pick this guy up. He's fun to watch. He finished the season with 2200 total yards. And if the Texans would commit to running the football, he could be really good.

The Bears played their starters the whole game against the Packers
When he was hired, Lovie Smith said his #1 goal was to beat the Packers. I like that a team wants to beat its rival and keep it out of the playoffs, but had anyone else heard of this big goal before today?

I love
Even though it probably isn't legal.

Brett Favre was kept out of his last game
I won't believe he's done until the next season starts. As in the first week of the real season - September 11, 2011.

NBC fixed its Sunday Night Football In America broadcast team
I like the pairing of Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison. They've got everything covered with those two analysts: coach, player, offense, defense, old school, new school, good guy, bad guy. It helps too that they were last active with the Colts and Patriots, two of the teams that are on SNF and were in the conversation all year. Hopefully, they complete the replacement of Peter King with Mike Florio next year...

Seattle loves its football team
The stadium was packed, everyone was into it until the very end. The Seahawks might not, but their fans deserve a home playoff game. It won't be easy for the Saints.

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