Sunday, January 23, 2011

Half-Time Reaction

1) The Bears have come out awfully flat.  I don't know how or why, but they have.  The Bears had a chance to respond right after the Packers touchdown, but an errant Cutler throw ended the drive.
2) The Bears are not stopping the run.  I don't get it and why they aren't but the Packers will be tough to stop if they can run and throw.
3) Cutler has missed several opportunities in crucial situations.  There have been three throws to Hester that if completed would have at least moved the chains and two of them might have been touchdowns.
4) Lovie has now passed on a 53 yard and a 49 yard field goal.  In the two situations they gained a total of 28 yards in field position.  The Bears need points any way they can get them, and now they need two touchdowns to TIE instead of two touchdowns to WIN.
5) The Bears get the ball to start and they need some points.  Obviously if they don't the game is not over, but they need some positive momentum.
6)  Here's to hoping that this is a repeat of the Ravens vs Steelers from last Saturday and this is just a setup for the best game in Packers vs Bears history....Bear Down

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