Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFL Conference Championships

First off, I want to put a disclaimer on this by saying that I realize my picks are subject to a bias (Go Bears).  I think tomorrow could be a wonderful day of good, competitive football.  Lets hope it is and lets hope I can be writing updates on the Bears for the next few weeks.

Game One
Green Bay (-3.5) @ Chicago
I initially thought the Bears would open as a one point favorite.  I was in awe when Green Bay opened up at -3.5.  Everything I have read supports the fact that this spread is based on the public jumping on a hot Green Bay team.  This spread in all honesty should be closer to a pick 'em.  I'm going to say that not only the Bears cover, but they also win the game straight up.  Chicago 19 Green Bay 17 which means this game will also cover the under at less than 43.5.

Game Two
NYJ (+3.5) @ Pittsburgh
I hope I still have a rooting interest in this game by the time it rolls around.  If that does happen I will be rooting for NYJ.  If I don't, Pittsburgh.  I think Pittsburgh wins this game, but I think the Jets cover.  The sharps have been taking New York and even on the moneyline.  Lets go with a final score of Pittsburgh 17 New York 16.  This means I am taking another under as well with a score of under 38.5.

In 24 years of life, not a single one of my teams in any sport has won their ultimate championship.  The closest class have been the Bears losing to the Colts in the Super Bowl, The Cubs being five outs away from the World Series and the Cyclones losing to Michigan State in what was basically the NCAA title game that occurred a couple steps from MSU"s campus in the Elite 8.  With that being said I would have to rank my ultimate rooting interests in this order...

1a)Iowa State Football BCS National Championship
1b)Iowa State Basketball National Championship
1c)Chicago Cubs World Series Championship
2) Chicago Bears Super Bowl Title
3) Iowa Hawkeye Football "0-12" Season


  1. Not a Bulls or Blackhawks fan?

  2. We are talking NBA and NHL right? No, I'm not a fan.

  3. Although I have thought about picking up an NBA team.

  4. Well mine would go as such:

    1) Iowa Football NC
    2) Detroit Lions Super Bowl
    3) Detroit Tigers World Series
    4a) Iowa Basketball NC
    4b) UNI Basketball NC

  5. I like what you've started here.

    1a)Iowa State Football BCS National Championship
    1b)Iowa State Basketball National Championship
    2) Houston Texans playoff appearance (I'm thinking realistically)
    3) Houston Rockets NBA championship? (I'm not a huge fan, but it would be fun to see the city get into something)

  6. Jeremy, you need to start going to some Astros games. I'm going to update the chances of these happening in my lifetime here in a bit.