Monday, December 2, 2013

Auburn Post-Game Thoughts

With the early tip time, I have a few minutes before I call it a night.

This game might have been the most impressive for the Cyclones thus far for a multitude of reasons.  Now, I realize beating Auburn is not more impressive than a win against Michigan or BYU but there were some areas of strength that ISU hadn't shown so far this season.

Stat of the Game: ISU point guards had 16 assists and zero turnovers.  16-0.  That's pretty good.  Freshmen Monte Morris has a 16-0, assist to turnover rate in the last two games.

Stat of the Game #2: ISU had 28 assists on 33 field goals.  Sometimes people confuse an NBA, matchup-oriented offense with one on one moves.  Not so much.

Player of the Game: Dustin Hogue with 22 points and 16 rebounds.  He had a double-double at halftime....of the first half.  It seemed Kane and Ejim wanted to get in on the fun after that.

Quote of the Night: "I think I have to bring my intensity up to keep up with this kid"-Ejim on Dustin Hogue.  ISU could have three of the best rebounders in the Big 12.  That makes cold stretches from behind the arc easier to take.

The Good: 99 total points with two of your best players (Kane and Niang) having off nights.

The Bad: Niang having more fouls than points.  Never a good stat line.

The Ugly: One point short of 100 points, and more specifically no free food or anything from anywhere for ISU scoring 100 points.

Up Next: UNI @ Wells Fargo.  A game that might give ISU a harder time than it looks like on paper.  UNI can never be taken lightly (especially football).

How will the ratings respond?  I look for ISU to jump into the Top 20 tomorrow in KenPom and continue to stay in the Top 10 in Massey and Saragin ratings.

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  1. The Houge / Ejim similarities are uncanny. I might have to take a closer look at that.