Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bowl Predictions Continued....

Need to get these done here before we leave for New York!!

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
BYU vs Tulsa

Picking against BYU in the Armed Forces Bowl.  I love me some Golden Hurricanes.  That sounds like Urban Dictionary talk.

Tulsa 31  BYU 26

New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Iowa State vs Rutgers

****Check back shortly for this prediction!

Franklin American Morgtage Music City Bowl
Mississippi State vs Wake Forest

Mississippi State 23  Wake Forest 13

Insight Bowl
Iowa vs Oklahoma

I sincerely hope Oklahoma is amped up for this one.  I don't think they will be.  I think Iowa will get off to a decent start, but I think Oklahoma is too good for this to be close.  Landry Jones makes a statement and then weighs his options in the NFL.

Oklahoma 32  Iowa 13

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas
Texas A&M vs Northwestern

Texas A&M gets one more win as a member of the Big XII then rides off into the SEC with an amazing 7-6 record.

Texas A&M 38  Northwestern 27

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Georgia Tech vs Utah

Its tough to prepare for a completely different style of play than you are used to.  Utah should have had plenty of time to come up with a scheme.  I don't think that scheme will be enough.

Georgia Tech 31  Utah 21

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
Illinois vs UCLA

This might be, no IT IS, the worst bowl game match-up of the season.  A team with a losing record against a team that lost their last six games.

UCLA 26  Illinois 16

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Cincinnati vs Vanderbilt

SEC >Big East, Vanderbilt > Cincinnati

Vanderbilt 23 Cincinnati 20

Virginia vs Auburn

I hate to say it but I have to go with Auburn on this one.  Too much talent.

Auburn 27  Virginia 20

TicketCity Bowl
Houston vs Penn State

Both teams honestly could be playing in a much better bowl game.  Penn State should be.  Houston had their chance.  Either way the folks at the TicketCity bowl are happy to have this match-up.  Penn State will slow down Houston but can't muster up enough offense.

Houston 24  Penn State 17

Capital One Bowl
Nebraska vs South Carolina

South Carolina is good.  Nebraska struggles on offense.  Spurrier > Pelini

South Carolina 23 Nebraska 10

Outback Bowl
Georgia vs Michigan State

I'm really starting to hate all of these Big Ten vs SEC bowls.  I think the Big XII and SEC need more matchups.  Anyway, I do think Michigan State can win this game.

Michigan State 31  Georgia 28 (OT)

Outback Bowl
Ohio State vs Florida

Outback Bowl gets the match-up they wanted.  Urban Meyers new team against Urban Meyers old team.  This match-up looks a lot sexier on paper than it really is.  I think Ohio State is better and they want to give Luke Fickell one last win.

Ohio State 24  Florida 20

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin vs Oregon

This would be a fun game to watch.  We will be driving back from Kansas City during this time so we won't get to catch all/most of it.  I think Oregon is too much for Wiscy.

Oregon 41 Wisconsin 38

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Stanford vs Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is out to prove they deserve a shot.  Luck will be out to prove he deserves the top draft slot.  They both are correct.

Oklahoma State 37 Stanford 34

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