Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kenpom and Sagarin Rankings for ISU Update 12/7/2011

 Ken Pomeroy rankings
Rank - 81 (9th out of 10 in the Big XII)
Record by projected wins and losses - 15-16 (5-13 in Big XII)
Aggregate projected record - 16-15 (7-11 in Big XII)

Sagarin rankings
Rank - 65 (5th out of 10 in the Big XII)
Record by projected wins and losses - 15-16 (5-13 in Big XII)

Surprisingly, Iowa State's rankings have risen, even though the team has lost 3 games and hasn't looked very sharp.  It's tough to figure out what to make of this.  The rating for kenpom has increased from .5972 to .7097, which makes the better projections make sense.  However, the Sagarin rating has only moved from 78.93 to 80.59, not exactly a step change.  More importantly, the rest of the conference has taken a huge drop.  Texas, for example, has dropped from 89.65 to 77.89.  Again, it takes two teams to play a game and other teams' drops have obviously helped Iowa State's projected record.

There's a hundred things I could glean from the statistics at, but I'll highlight just one statistic during each of these updates.  We can understand more about the Cyclones from these very unique stats.  This week, I'll take an easy one.

Offensive Efficiency - 108.1, rank 43rd
This is a good offensive squad for the Cyclones.  Obvious?  Well, this stat backs it up.  This is somewhat surprising because of the cold shooting ISU has had the last couple of weeks.  Of course, they should be good, the starting five are out there because they're the best offensive players.  It's essentially four shooting guards and Royce White.  Chris Allen is a bit of a chucker, Ejim is really slumping, Christopherson has been struggling having to run the point and they haven't really run much offense for White in the post.  Yet, still, this offense has been successful.  It's only the 6th best offense in the Big XII right now, but really has a chance to be something special.

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  1. I think with Scott moving to the two guard and Allen and Palo running the point ISU will see vast improvement. It will make Allen have better shot selection (hopefully) and will give Scott a chance to do what he is meant to do. The emergence of Percy Gibson down low really seems to be helping out Royce White. ISU has yet to put together 40 minutes of basketball this season. You may consider updating these now after the Iowa game as the 'Clones don't play again until Dec 18th.