Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Sporting Event Bucket List

I got thinking the other night of all the different sporting events I would like to see.  Obviously I enjoy watching ISU athletics some events that were previously on my bucket list were crossed off or soon will be crossed off because of them.  I'll start with a few things I have done that I think are pretty special.

March Madness (In Vegas)- The two times I have done this really have been some of the best times of my life.  I vowed to make sure I returned every year, but due to this New York trip it might not be happening. 

Football Handicapping in Vegas- I have done this a couple times now and it is pretty intense.  The Venetian is the place to be and I am excited to go back.

Wrigley Field (Bleachers, Rooftop)- I enjoy the bleachers much better but the rooftop is a pretty cool experience as well.  I've been able to see two of the biggest rivalries in MLB (Cubs vs Cardinals and Cubs vs White Sox) at Wrigley Field.

Visiting 10 Different MLB parks- Some of them still exist, some of them don't.  This topic will appear later on my list.  Coolest stadium?  San Francisco.

See a Game in Lambeau Field- It is quite an atmosphere there.  By no means am I a Packers fan, but the experience was pretty cool.

Visit Yankee Stadium- Coming soon.  Although it will be for a football game I think the opportunity will be pretty special.

The List....

Visit Every MLB Park-  I think the more realistic scenario is to see all 30 MLB teams play a home game.  Baseball stadiums and the different layouts fascinate me.  Would really enjoy seeing Fenway Park before its too late.

Go to a SEC Football Game- It is just a different ball of wax down there.  I think it would be quite the experience to be present at one of these games.

Attend the Red River Rivalry- In connection with the Texas State Fair I think this would be a hoot.  Fried food, rivalry, good football, warm weather.

Attend a Game in Madison Square Garden- I was hoping the Knicks were playing at home during our trip so I could cross this one off.  It is supposed to be the mecca of basketball, so I think it would be worth seeing.

Attend either a NLCS clinching or World Series clinching Cubs victory in Wrigley Field- Might not ever happen but I would have to pull out all the stops if the opportunity arose.

Be in Attendance for Every Cyclone Football Game (1 season)- It would be fun to see an entire season unfold in person.  It would be pretty possible in my opinion during a year in which ISU has seven home games and plays Iowa in Iowa City.  That would leave two trips to Texas, a trip to Oklahoma and a trip to Kansas.

See a Bears Victory in Soldier Field- Seems pretty small but I have never seen my favorite professional football team play a home game.  I'm a Bears fan and I have been to Lambeau and not Soldier Field.  What's up with that?

Spend Super Bowl Sunday in Vegas- Prop bets, prop bets, prop bets!

I'm sure I left a few off the list.  What is on yours?


  1. Good topic, and I'll throw in my two cents. Off the top of my head, the things I've done:

    1. Attend an MLB game at Wrigley Field and old Yankee Stadium. I to Yankee Stadium in 2004, so I got to see Jeter, A-Rod, Bernie Williams, and even the greatest closer of all time Mariano Rivera. It was a game in the middle of July but still the atmosphere was incredible. At Wrigley I got saw Jim Edmonds hit 2 HR against his former club, the Cardinals.

    2. Vegas for March Madness and fall for football. I second everything AMeeks said above.

    3. Attend a baseball game in October. I got to see the NLDS Game 4 this past year between the Cardinals and the Phillies. Unless you're attending a game in late September you never get to go to an MLB game where EVERYTHING is on the line, so the tension and excitement in Busch Stadium was something that will stay with me.

    4. Attend a game at Historic Kinnick Stadium. Just kidding...kind of.

    Still on the List:

    1. What AMeeks said above, such as visiting every MLB stadium, going to every single college football game for the Hawks, and seeing a Lions victory at Ford Field.

    2. Attend a Stanley Cup game. Yeah, I like hockey. So what. You wanna fight about it?

    3. Go to a game at Fenway Park. The last of the 'historic' fields still being used. Not sure how long the life of that park still has, but I'd like to make it soon to be sure.

    4. Go to a Major golf tournament. Masters would be preferred, but I'd take the PGA or US Open as well.

    5. Go to the Rose Bowl game. Obviously I'd love for the Hawks to be in this game, but the tradition is still there no matter who is playing.

  2. Just trying something out...

  3. Well my list got out of hand, so it's coming in a separate post.