Saturday, December 10, 2011

New York, New York

I will be the first to admit New York City was not my first choice for an Iowa State bowl destination.  However, after deciding to make the trip I have done some more research on NYC and am getting more and more excited.  I think it truly will be a great trip for the players, coaches and fans.  Warm weather is nice in December, but this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone involved.  Here are ten reasons I am looking forward to this trip.

10.  The Cyclones have now taken me to Houston's Reliant Stadium, Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium (3 times), Las Vegas, Tempe, Columbia (MO) and now New York City.  I love seeing different stadiums and cities.  I really enjoy seeing different baseball stadiums.  My #10 reason I am excited for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl is the chance to see the new Yankee Stadium.

9.  I've been fortunate to visit a lot of different places around the country.  My only experience out east was Washington D.C. when I was younger.  I have never really been tremendously interested in visiting New York in the past.  JMeeks wanted to go out there a couple summers ago and I didn't really understand why.  The east coast is truly a different experience.  Reason #9 is this trip presents the opportunity to go to the east coast and experience New York City.

8.  New Year's Eve in New York City.  This is supposed to be the place to be on NYE right?  I've spent NYE in Houston and Tempe why not New York City.

7.  Statue of Liberty.  I've seen it on television and in books.  This is a chance to see it in person.  I just hope it looks like this...
6.  Central Park.  I was a big fan of the Home Alone movies.  I had the Home Alone game for my GameBoy and on the Super Nintendo.  I want to see what this Central Park is all about and throw bird see all over JMeeks and watch him scream.

5.  TMNT.  I want to see the land of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I love those dudes.  The movies were great.  Cowabunga!!!

4.  Times Square.  No, I don't plan on standing outside for hours upon hours without beverages and without restrooms to see a ball drop.  Would it be cool to say you have done it?  Yes, absolutely.  Is it worth it on your first trip to NYC?  Absolutely not.  However, I do look forward to seeing what this Times Square is all about.

3.  Ground Zero.  One of the biggest moments of United States history, one that happened when I was a freshman in high school happened in NYC.  I still and always will remember sitting in the wrestling room during physical education class.  At that time I really didn't know the significance of the World Trade Centers nor did I know at that time how big of a travesty this truly was.  Football practice was cancelled after school and when I got home seemingly every channel had constant coverage.  I knew this was big.  I look forward to seeing this area and the tribute to the victims and the hero's of 9/11.

2.  New York Style Pizza.  I love pizza.  I really freaking love pizza.  I have had New York style pizza but I haven't had pizza from New York.  I'm getting hungry thinking about it.  As a kid I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy that shot out pizzas.

This really could have been #1....

1.  Cyclone Football.  At the end of the day I really look forward to seeing these boys play again.  This has really been a special season to be an ISU fan.  The team was favored in TWO games and won SIX.  A season that just about started with a loss to UNI ended with a trip to NYC.  It is a season I will never forget.  A season that included two of the most memorable games I've ever been to.  It would be a shame to not take advantage of the biggest win in school history.  Paul Rhoads is putting out a product on the field that is fun to watch and I simply can't wait until the 30th.  Getting a chance to tailgate at different establishments in Manhattan and the Bronx will truly be something different and special.  I really truly hope Rutgers packs the house.  It will be hard for ISU to bring a ton of fans but both teams deserve a great atmosphere whether that be hostile or supportive.  I think it will be a fun game to watch and the chance to win a 2nd bowl game in three years is pretty unbelievable considering where this program was at just three years ago.  Here is a clip from Paul Rhoads last night to get you fired up....

And this post wouldn't be complete without a few music video's....


Let's GO CYCLONES!!!!!

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  1. I'm stoked. I've never been to NYC and I'm looking forward to a big win by the Cyclones. Lots of great, free things to see that I'm excited about.