Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bowl Week Predictions

First and foremost I look forward to watching this ISU commercial again this week....

CPR is worth his weight in gold.  He has done more marketing for ISU through YouTube videos than they could ever purchase.  I love that this will be played after every bowl game.  Now on to this weeks games.

Current Record: 2-1

Beef O' Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl
Florida International vs Marshall

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall.  Get it?  No, they will not win this game.  I am really surprised that Cristobal is still there.  He won one game his first year on the job.  This victory tonight will give him 9 for the season.  I could see him being introduced as Pittsburgh's new coach by the end of the week.  If not there, somewhere.  This guy is legit.

Florida International 23   Marshall 16

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
TCU vs Louisiana Tech

This game intrigues me as an ISU fan for two reasons.  Reason number one is obviously TCU joining the Big XII next season.  A future opponent of ISU's as early as next season, it will interesting to start getting to know this "cinderella".  Reason number two is to watch Louisiana Tech's offense.  Tony Franklin is their OC.  He may very well be calling the shots for ISU next season.  He worked with Rhoads for all of five games at Auburn before he was canned.  I think he is better than that experience.  He runs spread camps all over the state of Texas.  I would not object to this hire.  As for the game I think TCU has too much for Louisiana Tech in this game.

TCU 34   Louisiana Tech 23

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl
Arizona State vs Boise State

Once again Boise State gets screwed with their bowl placement.  It is BCS or bust for them and I guess that is why they are joining the Big East.  How awesome would that be if ISU played in the Las Vegas Bowl?  Rhetorical question- It would be epic.  Arizona State is in a state of flux right now.  They canned their coach and now are stuck with a coach who lies more than Nick Saban.  This game could get out of hand if Boise State shows up motivated.

Boise State 48   Arizona State 30

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Nevada vs Southern Mississippi

Without Hawaii playing in this game, no one will be there.  Usually without anything else on (aside from the Christmas Story marathon) everyone is at least watching from home.  This year a full slate of NFL games precedes the Hawaii Bowl.  I know this is on later, but it still doesn't put the spotlight on it as much as usual.  As for the game, it won't be much of one.  I hope Nevada at least gets to enjoy some beach time.  Southern Mississippi wins by two touchdowns.

Southern Mississippi  34   Nevada 20

And before we conclude these lead pipe locks let me bring you a weather update from NYC....

December 28th   High 44 deg  Low 36 deg
December 29th   High 44 deg  Low 36 deg  (SHOWERS)

On the contrary in Cedar Rapids....
December 28th  High  35 deg  Low 25 deg
December 29th  High  36 deg  Low 23 deg

Who said we aren't going somewhere warmer?!?!

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