Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MY sporting wish list

Here's my list (in no particular order, please remember that), then a couple I've marked off.  Ha, I think that'll be another separate list.

*) Unworthy of any number, unreasonable as it may be unattainable, my holy grail of sport, is an ISU football team playing in the national championship.  No amount of money, no prior plans, nothing, could keep me from having the best possible seats in the biggest sports event in Iowa State University history.  This experience, of course, would have to include ISU fan #1 sitting next to me.

1) Wrigley Field - been there, but haven't done the bleachers or the rooftops.  At the same time, the view from the stands, without the ads and video and other garbage, is THE BEST in all of sports.

2) Lambeau - in the dead of winter.  No other NFL atmosphere like it.  Other than maybe...

3) Soldier Field -probably not quite the same now that they redid it.  (The recurring theme is that old stadiums hold more value for me.)  Still, passionate fans + a unique environment = a great experience.

4) Red River Rivalry - because it looks cool on TV?

5) Fenway - missed the real Yankee Stadium, and Shea too.  Am I joking about Shea?

6) Any golf tournament - The Masters would be cool, well above any other majors.  I've had a tournament in my backyard for 6 years and haven't gone.

7) Rose Bowl / LA Coliseum - old school bowl stadiums are the best.  The Cotton Bowl falls into this category too.

8) Jerry World - plenty of opportunities here too.  It's the 9th(?) wonder of the modern world.

9) Tennis tournament - this is kinda silly, but it's allowable because I played JV, right?  The US Clay Court Championships had been in Houston for the past several years.  Not a grand slam event by any stretch, but it still attracted some decent talent.  Again, didn't go.  The super level would be the U.S. Open or Wimbledon.  It'd depend on whether I wanted to get drunk and loud or clap politely between services.

10) Manchester United "football" game - craziest fans on the planet, AND you can bet on games at the stadium!!!

Finally... seriously guys, you missed these?!?

Ever heard of the Olympics?  What about the World Cup?  THE biggest sporting events on the planet, only occurring every four years!  I'd pick the World Cup first, surprisingly perhaps, but there are some pretty badass events in the winter Olympics.  The Olympics are tough because most aren't spectator sports.  But, it's THE OLYMPICS.  The World Cup is full of crazies no matter who plays, a couple billion people are watching on TV, and it's held in some interesting areas of the world.  Count me in.

The takeaway from all this should be that there are sporting events worth planning a (huge) trip around.

P.S.  My travel buddy is out of commission the next couple of years.  Who will step up?

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  1. Good call on the Olympics. I've heard its pretty amazing to watch the smallest of events even. Maybe the World Cup but it wouldn't be tremendously high on my list.