Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paul Rhoads Announces He is "All-In"!

With the news that Paul Rhoads has agreed to a 10-year, $20 million deal with ISU both parties made a statement.  Paul Rhoads will not be leaving anytime soon.  I realize coaching contracts mean next to nothing.  However, with Paul Rhoads and the fact that it is a 10 year deal I feel confident to say he will be here for awhile.  If one of the big boys come strolling along maybe this changes.  Paul has shown it will take more than a mediocre job at a BCS school to jump ship.  He has also told his wife he will retire in his mid-50's.  This contract takes him to that age.  The salary bump Rhoads is getting is enough to move him up to 9th (out of 10) in the Big XII.  It will be interesting to see what the actual details of the contract are.  I am sure there are bonuses up the ying-yang in this contract but how much money does a person who resides in Gilbert, Iowa really need????

Paul Rhoads will still make about 2 million less than his coaching counterpart who resides 100 some odd miles east.  Looking at the production, Rhoads is a much better value.  Fortunately for ISU he still appears to be one of the most underrated coaches in the nation.  His current record stands at 18-19 which to the naked eye doesn't look to impressive.  As an ISU fan I hope there are a lot of naked eyes out there.  People forget this team was favored in TWO games.  One of them was against FCS Northern Iowa and the other was against one of the worst teams in FBS with a lame duck coach.  Not many expected a bowl game this year let alone two in CPR's first three years.  Keep in mind he is just a failed two point conversion attempt away from going to three straight bowl games people.  I still agree with that call by the way.

While Kirk Ferentz is the highest paid employee in the state of Iowa for his back to back seven win regular seasons its interesting to think about what an ISU fan should expect from CPR in the next ten years.  Its important to keep in mind that this is still a program with three bowl wins in the history of the program.  With the current structure of the Big XII I don't know as if ISU can win a conference championship.  If they were to add two teams and get back to a conference championship I would feel as though a conference championship game appearance or two wouldn't be out of line.  However, I must say this year of Big XII football was fun to watch.  I enjoy playing every team in the league and although it may be tougher it has to be a great recruiting pitch to recruits in Texas guaranteeing them two games played in the state each year.

Lets say Paul Rhoads does indeed stay the duration of this contract.  Here is what I feel we can realistically expect as Iowa State fans.  Remember with Rhoads though a lot of time the theme is "expect the unexpected".

Bowl Games: 8 of 10 years (This would be over double the current amount of appearances in school history)
Bowl Wins: 6 of 10 years (This would triple the current amount in school history)
Conference Winning Percentage: .500 or above with current system
7-8 win Seasons: 6 of 10 years
9+ win Seasons: 3 of 10 years (if including bowl wins)  This would mean going undefeated in non-conference play and going 6-3 in conference play or 5-4 with a bowl win.  This group was close to going 4-5 in conference play this season.
BCS Bowl Appearance: First, I hope this system is no longer in place by the end of his tenure but I really think this may be the ultimate ceiling for ISU with the current system.  However, it is discouraging to think that Kansas State this year went 10-2 and failed to make a BCS bowl as an at-large.  I feel the two programs are very similar.
Attendance: I really feel fans need to make sure they support this program.  Fans for years have whined about the administration not stepping up.  I feel JP has done an excellent job and it is time for ISU to guarantee its players 50,000 plus at every home game.  Next year will be the ultimate test without UNI, Iowa or Texas on the schedule.
South End Zone:  With Rhoads here for the next 10 years this project needs to get done.  This does not necessarily mean a 70k stadium.  It would not really add a whole lot to the capacity.  What it would do is provide more expensive reserved seats for season ticket holders as well as provide a much better atmosphere for college football.

In elementary school a friend convinced me to start cheering for Iowa State during the NCAA tournament when Kelvin Cato and company were making their way to the Sweet 16.  It has been a whirlwind ever since.  Odds have been stacked against this athletic program year after year.  I feel as though this football program has the most momentum since I have been fan.  Keep in mind they didn't even make a bowl game prior to me starting my ISU fanship.  With Rhoads at the helm I can't help but think what is possible for this program.  I have had season tickets for the last seven years, a tradition I plan on keeping alive.  However, it is time for myself and the rest of Cyclone Nation to step up, start contributing and declare ourselves "All-In"!!!!

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  1. I hadn't heard what you mentioned with the retiring bit. Important to note is that central Iowa is a great place to retire. Or not retire. If Rhoads sticks around for the next several years, do you really think he'd quit after ten years? This is way, way out in the future, but it's not unthinkable that Rhoads could be a Paterno, Bill Snyder type of coach. Obviously, JP and ISU have demonstrated that they are happy to have him as long as he wants to be here. If CPR is still here when it's retirement time, I don't see him retiring.