Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mike Leach "Swing Your Sword"

A few tidbits and post-reading thoughts from ANOTHER book I just finished up.  Mike Leach's story written by him.

  • Mike Leach is a funny guy.  Doesn't seem surprising, but man I would love to have a conversation with him.
  • Mike Leach is an educated guy.  He took the path less traveled by getting his law degree first and then going into coaching.
  • This guy has earned his stripes and has succeeded everywhere he went.  Without playing college football he was able to become "National Coach of the Year".
  • Texas Tech went from bottom of the Big 12 to near tops in the nation in graduation rate under Leach
  • His coaching tree includes the likes of Ruffin McNeil, Dana Holgorsen and Art Briles.  Not bad.
  • Leach basically taught Mangino everything he knows.
  • Values thinking outside of the box obviously is always open to new ideas
  • Craig James is a douche
  • Adam James is a douche
  • A majority of Texas Tech's administrators are douches
  • Moral of the story: Mike Leach got screwed because of 800,000 dollars and a dad that wouldn't shut up.
  • Leach was able to access all of the e-mails from Tech administrators and James proving guilt on trying to plot to get him fired.
  • Joe Schad and ESPN are shady.  Be careful what you believe from the "Worldwide Leader in Sports".

It really is a book worth reading.  I learned a lot about Leach, life, football and politics.  It really makes me want to root for this guy at Washington State.  I'm glad he is getting an opportunity again.  Swing your sword.

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