Monday, December 26, 2011

More Bowl Predictions

This week is when it gets interesting.  The match-ups will get closer and one of the biggest factors in these games will be motivation.  That is tough to judge.  You are talking about 18-22 year olds (Unless you are Brandon Weeden) that have been on campus, then home and then onto a bowl destination all in the last week.  One thing I have started to learn is that every team prepares for bowls differently.  ISU for example spends very little time on campus preparing for the opponent.  They instead focus on fundamentals and getting the 2nd and 3rd string players reps with the 1st team.  They got to New York on Christmas Day and will have about a typical game week worth of preparation.  Iowa, on the other hand, go to Tempe, Arizona on the 23rd of December giving them an extended stay in Arizona.  They also did not give the players much time, if any, to get home this last week.  I cannot speak to whether they allowed them to go home before last week but I do know that ISU gave their players the 18th through the 24th off.  Just a few differences in preparation can go a long way.  Remember, these are merely just exhibition games.  On to the picks....

Record thus far:


AdvcoCare V100 Independence Bowl
Missouri vs North Carolina

This one is tough for me.  I want UNC to win.  I think UNC has more talent.  I think UNC is more distracted with a new coach and their top WR possibly suspended because his name was on a flyer for his birthday party that occurs AFTER the bowl game.  Missouri is probably the favorite in this game but because I picked UNC in both of my bowl pools and I need some more upset picks I am going with...

UNC 27  Missouri 26

Little Ceasar's Bowl
Western Michigan vs Purdue

Purdue is bad.  Really bad.  Western Michigan?  I don't really know but I think they will have more fun playing in Detroit than Purdue.

Western Michigan 27  Purdue 20

Belk Bowl
Louisville vs North Carolina State

A battle between the two weakest BCS conferences.  I will give the upper hand to North Carolina State in this one.  Russel who?

North Carolina State 30  Louisville 26

Military Bowl
Toledo vs Air Force

Not sure how I can pick against Air Force in the Military Bowl.

Air Force 42   Toledo 39

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl
Texas vs California

Texas is a quarterback away from being a really good team.  I really hope they don't find one for awhile.  However, I think they have enough to overcome the Cal Bears in this one.  Texas will get two 100 yard rushers in this one.

Texas 30  California 28

Champ Sports Bowl
Florida State vs Notre Dame

Remember when Brain Kelly was going to be introduced as the next coach at Iowa State ESPN?  Well that didn't happen and it looked at first like ISU wished they had.  Not so fast my friends, Kelly is proving to be a giant d***head and hasn't found life in South Bend as pleasant as he may have previously thought.

Florida State 26  Notre Dame 22

Valero Alamo Bowl
Baylor vs Washington

People laughed several years ago when I said RGIII would be the next Vince Young if not better.  He brought Baylor into college football relevance by himself.  I really hope he goes into the draft this year selfishly.  Not because I think he will be really successful at the next level but because I don't want to see him in Jack Trice Stadium next year.

Baylor 42  Washington 31

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